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Interior Architect

Brief info

I'm Talya,

You wandering between these lines, may have come from all over Turkey or fro the other side of the world. I am here with you so that you can read what i read, see what i see and feel what i feel, regardless of religion, language, culture or sect. I can hear you asking who this girl is, I am your friend, maybe an idea that you have never seen or told, I am the adventure you dare not, I am you, your voice, your thoughts. I am an ambassador in realizing what you tkin you don't see, but can actually happen. I am a translator in a language that you can transfer yourself to. I am a leaf, a branch in the wind of design that started with my passion for interior architecture. Maybe I'm less today, but tomorrow I'm more with you. I am the "why not?" answer to your "what if?" questions. I'm the path where you can realize your ideas and walk with us.

Who are you?
When it comes to art, it's okay not to hide madness!

Sohbete Başla
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