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Co-Founder / Architect

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Do what you love and never work a single day in your life!
Look around, how many people get out of bed on Mondays with enthusiasm and excitement? Or does he not hesire the eagerly awaited Friday and weekend? Well, if the concept we call time started to consist of a vicious circle for us, if we started to wake up on the same day every week, should this light a spark in our minds?"iki": life means life, "gai" means effect, cause, benefit.

Your ikigai is what is your purpose for waking up in the morning and is what keeps you going. We can talk about it for hours and then move on with our lives. "I can't change the world, but I can make it better with good designs. " I identify his thinking with myself and with what i do. we can be the eason you are eagerly getting out of bed, so it may be you. I want to touch the lives of many professional or amateur designers with the Imoker movemont. I belive that bright ideas will gain identify with many different materials by going beyond beign just beign talked about and being abstract. Big ideas only start with small steps.

Don't be afraid to try, join us...

Sohbete Başla
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